Type of wounds we managed

There are thousands and millions of people around the world who suffer from non-healing wounds, which severely affects the way of living of people. People cannot do what they love to do. According to a health related study, about 6 million people in the US suffer from the atrocities inflicted by non-healing wounds caused mostly by diabetes, circulation of blood related problems and other conditions. Some of the non-healing wounds that are common and require special treatment are:

MDS 3.0 Update in Wound Care

  March and April, CMS has reconsidered its original guidance regarding how to code blister pressure ulcers on the revised Minimum Data Set (MDS) version 3.0. Previously, CMS directed that any pressure ulcer that presents as a blister regardless of what type of fluid seen (serous, sero-anguineous, or blood filled) was to be coded as a stage 2 . This is no longer true, not all pressure ulcer blisters are coded as stage 2 for MDS 3.0.