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Wound Care Specialist of New Jersey

About Us

For wound care management that offers compassionate care at no cost, more patients are choosing Wound Care Specialist of New Jersey. We provide an alternative to hospitalization and give our patients the care and treatment they need to recover at skilled nursing facilities. We are the leading team of wound care professionals in the industry offering more services and better results than any other post-acute care team.

Wound Care Solutions

Headquartered in New Jersey and serving patients locally, Wound Care Specialist of New Jersey was founded under the principle of offering our patients a wide range of wound care services provided by a trained, knowledgeable staff. We provide bedside treatment, weekly scheduled rounds, on site debridement and advanced wound treatments. Our goal is to reduce patient hospitalization and provide our patients with the services they need at no cost.

We are patient oriented and results driven. Some wound care services provide just that, service. We provide the care our patients need to heal faster, recover better and have less chance of infection or amputation. That’s the Wound Care Specialist of New Jersey difference, contact us and let us show you what we can do for you today.

Trained Staff

Our team of trained professionals work closely with nursing care facilities to provide the staff education they need while providing a higher level of care for their patients. We provide electronic documentation and full support. Our name says it all; Wound Care Specialist of New Jersey offers the best value on wound care treatment combined with the support of our trained professionals to create a solution that suits the needs of our patients.

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To learn more about Wound Care Specialist of New Jersey and our wound care services, contact us today and we will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you might have and provide a no-obligation consultation that offers a solutions to your needs.