Discover the Wound Care Specialist of New Jersey group dedicated to providing the highest quality healing, and tap into a focused network of healing providers

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All services provided at no cost to your facility.

Reduced Hospitalization Rate

We help to eliminate the need and discomfort of transferring the patients to another wound care centers. We give exceptional attention to patients’ needs to reduce further the risk of developing infection.

Advanced Wound Treatments- Educations

We will conduct weekly rounds and perform on site debridement/ curettage, which will reduce necrotic tissue and potential infections. Every wound is documented using our WCSNJ Electronic Medical Records system. We also conduct wound meetings, and in services as needed.

Digital Documentation for Easy Access Technology

We provide state of the art medical services such as thorough digital documentation, wound product treatments, and identification of aspects impeding the healing of wounds.

Survey Preparation Program- QA

We work diligently with your nursing staff. We are fully aware and compliant with the state survey process, associated with wound care F-tags, (F314, F385, F501) and wound care state regulations. Our clinicians are able to speak with state auditors during the survey process as needed.

Individualized Care Plan Review

We always maintain direct contact with the patient and their families by providing interdisciplinary team care planning.